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Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to their clothes, while underestimating shoes. This is not entirely correct, since shoes are the final detail of any image without exception. And with the right selection, she is even able to completely change it.

So let’s say a combination of spectacular and elegant stiletto shoes and an ordinary dress will easily create an exquisite evening look. And by diluting a stylish men’s bow with jeans with high-quality loafers, you can make the image much more respectable and solid. In a word, in order to always look stylish and harmonious, without making fatal mistakes in the selection of a wardrobe, it is necessary to understand how each type of shoe looks and what it is.

Apreski are a kind of boots that can be worn equally by both men and women. The name of this universal product comes from the French expression “apres ski”, which means “after skiing”. These soft, laced half-boots got into everyday use thanks to Alpine ski resorts.
They are quite practical, as they are well combined with wool or flannel things, sports, home and even some national clothes. The main difference between this variety and other boots is the presence of a thickened waterproof sole, an extremely soft inner lining and a synthetic upper. Sometimes they can be decorated with fur trim.
Ballet flats are women’s leather shoes with a flat sole and a rounded closed toe, they can also have a small heel up to two centimeters. They got their name due to the strong similarity with ballet pointe shoes.
The creator of ballet flats is the famous shoe master Salvatore Capecio, who sewed shoes for dancers. However, they became world-famous with the filing of such popular film actresses as Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. Due to their versatility, they are wonderfully combined with shorts, sundresses and various skirts. They can also be additionally decorated with brooches, ribbons or lace.
Grandmothers are soft low-running Moroccan shoes with a pointed toe and without a back. They are quite pleasant to the touch, as they are made exclusively of soft fabric or leather.
Today they are very popular not only in Asian countries, due to their versatility. The images are wonderfully complemented with the presence of long, loose dresses or flared trousers made of light fabrics.
Berets are a kind of army boots that necessarily have high sidewalls and lacing. To date, these shoes are widely used in everyday life, due to the actualization of the military style.
It is noteworthy that berets are equally in demand both among men and among the fair sex because of their practicality and versatility. They harmoniously fit into the images and with cargo trousers or chinos, as well as jeans, and become a wonderful highlight in fashionable bows with dresses and skirts.
Brikenstocks are called special orthopedic shoes, which are produced exclusively by the German shoe company Birkenstok. A team of orthopedists has developed for the company a unique anatomical sole that completely repeats the immaculate shape of the foot. Due to this, the shoes produced further are as comfortable as possible for the foot.
In addition, the briquenstocks are supplemented with a special insole, which prevents sagging of the arch of the foot and has a preventive effect. They are universal, therefore they are equally suitable for both women and men. They became widely in demand and popular not so long ago, about a dozen years ago.
It is necessary to wear brikenstocks without socks, as they are presented in the form of flip-flops. At the same time, they go well with various skirts and trousers. Sports casual style is in high demand among fans of today’s popular style, ahead of other varieties of flip-flops, such as mules, babushis or agli-shuzas. Now this is an incredibly relevant trend, which has been a hit of the season for several years.
Boxers are a type of sports shoes designed to meet the requirements and needs of boxers. These shoes provide the necessary strength and help to avoid injury to athletes. There are three main varieties of these shoes: high; medium; low.
Originally produced from 100% leather. Now, due to the high cost of the material, leather substitutes, microfiber, suede, synthetic fabrics are used. The sole is made of rubber and rubber for good coupling with the ring.
Wrestlers are special shoes for wrestlers (sambo, judo, Greco-Roman and freestyle).
According to the characteristics, this is a light, soft, high-top shoe for fixing the ankle and protecting against injury.
Sandals is one of the varieties of open shoes for women, which is usually worn without any socks, tights and other things.
The main difference from other types of open shoes is that they do not completely cover the foot, leaving it bare.
Ankle boots are one of the most popular and sought-after varieties of women’s shoes, which are a symbiosis of ankle boots and classic shoes. Queen Elizabeth, who believed that her ankles were too thin to wear ordinary shoes, owed their worldwide fame and the presence in the wardrobe of every fashionista.
There are many varieties of ankle boots that differ in the shape of the toe, the height of the heel, as well as the presence of a wedge or platform. They are quite practical and versatile, so they are easily combined with most styles of clothing.
Boots are a type of women’s boots that have long and stiff tops, with mandatory bell-shaped above the knee. For the manufacture of boots, materials such as suede or leather are preferably used, but they can also be sewn from other types of material, such as velvet or latex. The shape of the sock is most often rounded, but there are other varieties, for example pointed.
It is worth noting that boots are a very capricious type of boots, therefore it is necessary to think carefully about the image under which they are planned to be put on. One slightest mistake, let’s say a combination with fishnet stockings or other, can make vulgarity and vulgarity in the appearance of a woman.
Brogues are half-boots with a characteristic patterned perforation, which appeared at the end of the XVII century in Europe. To date, there are both male and female brogues, which are made of leather or suede, and differ in perforated patterns. Coloring and design.
Perfectly combined with a strict formal style, as well as with everyday things made of denim, wool or tweed. There are three main varieties of these boots: full brogues have perforations over the entire surface of the product, and the shape of the sock is similar to the outline of the wing;
semi-brogues differ in the presence of perforations on the seams and the sock;

Cleats are a type of sports shoes designed for playing football.
It is distinguished by the presence of special spikes on the sole, the location and number of which are constantly changing and being upgraded. They are used exclusively for sports events and training.
Vibrams are called special climbing or hiking boots with high stability. They have a strong corrugated sole, which actually provides a reliable grip with any kind of surface. Also, they differ in the most comfortable and comfortable fit, which prevents stretching, overwork or any deformation of the foot.
They are preferably made of eco-leather or nubuck. They are mainly used for active walks outside the city or tourism.
Winklepickers have their own characteristic feature in the form of a long, pointed and elongated sock, due to which it is difficult to confuse them with any other footwear.
The appearance of winklepickers can have many different variations, ranging from boots or boots, and ending with shoes with or without a heel. Winklepickers are best combined with bold futuristic clothing, as well as a combination of a leather jacket and jeans.
Wellingtons are a type of rubber boots, which are an improved version of army boots, with the easy submission of the Duke of Wellington. Initially, they were made exclusively of genuine leather, but after the advent of vulcanization, rubber was also used.
They have a strict design, without any fasteners or other decorative elements, but they have a variety of colors, so they are successfully combined with both trousers and skirts or dresses. They are very versatile and practical, therefore they are equally popular among men and women.
Work boots are practical casual or work shoes that look like high boots or half–boots with lacing.
There are different colors and designs. It is made of nubuck, genuine leather or suede.
Grinders are a kind of universal weighted boots that can be both female and male. They owe their name to the brand of the same name, which actually launched this type of shoe into mass production. A distinctive feature of these grinders is the presence of a metal insert on the toe, a rough sole, like military boots, and lacing.

There are several varieties of grinders models: classic; cowboy; street; biker; sports; workers.
High-quality genuine leather and anodized fittings are used for manufacturing. They are perfectly combined with denim things, as well as with various shorts or dresses.
Deserts are casual suede shoes with minimal lacing and thick leather or rubber soles. They are universal, because both men and women can wear them.
Deserts are perfectly combined with such styles of clothing as: military, smart casual and safari. The female version of this shoe is more saturated with bright shades and a variety of decorative designs, because they are harmoniously combined with dresses and skirts of medium length.
Derby is one of the varieties of men’s shoes that have recently migrated to the women’s wardrobe and received many improvements and varieties. The derbies got their name in honor of the county of Derbyshire, where they were invented. They have a wide foot and a sidewall sewn in front, due to which they diverge well without lacing.
Quite often, the material from which they are made is additionally perforated. Derby is preferably combined with a conservative, strict wardrobe, mainly office suits. However, some multi-colored models make a wonderful tandem with casual jeans, cropped trousers and ordinary sweaters.
To date , there are such varieties of derby: