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Shoes are classified according to various criteria. By appointment, it can be everyday and model, home, road, beach, for outdoor activities, national, sports, special, industrial, orthopedic, preventive and military. Shoes are also classified by gender and age (men’s, women’s, children’s, for the elderly), the season of socks (summer, winter, spring-autumn, round-season), material, tailoring, construction.

Shoes are an item of clothing that is worn on the feet. Its main function is mechanical and thermal protection of the feet, as well as prevention of getting wet in wet weather. The history of its existence begins from the time of the Upper Paleolithic and has more than one millennium. The first samples consisted of leather and plant materials (straw, felt, wood, bark, etc.). Depending on the climate, each nation developed its own types of shoes.

Naturally, there was no such abundance in the choice of models before. Its mass production began with the advent of special machines, which made it possible to bring production to an automated level. The manufacture of shoes consists of the following stages: modeling and design, preparation operations, assembly and molding of blank parts, fastening of the bottom and finishing. Also at this stage, new materials and processing methods began to emerge.


The material on the details of the top can be natural, artificial or synthetic leather, textiles or various combinations thereof. Both natural or artificial leather, rubber, plastic, polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic elastometer, polyurethane, wood and felt can be used for the sole. The main methods of fastening the workpiece top to the bottom of the product are chemical, thread, screw-nail and combined.

If you classify shoes according to the height of the upper blank, it is divided into half-boots, shoes, boots, half-boots, ordinary boots and boots with an elongated top. The main details of the shoe are the toe cap, the union, the boots, the lining, the back, the sole, the insole and the half-insole, the heel, the sock, the boot, the tongue, etc. Depending on a particular type of model, some elements may be present, others may be absent.
The broadest is the classification of shoes by type or type. It has up to a hundred or even more names. The range of models is very wide: from boots to sandals.

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Most accessories are made by the same clothing manufacturers, with the exception of jewelry, watches, glasses and, in particular, bags. However, especially in recent years, the number of brands that focus their production on accessories or even on individual types of accessories has increased. fashion theory is a subject used to complement an appearance or style and is most susceptible to fashion trends.

The type of accessory a person chooses can be determined by several factors, including the specific context of where a person is going. A person’s economic status, religious and cultural background can also be determining factors for choosing a particular accessory in clothing.